Saturday, February 4, 2012

Waterfall on Ometepe

Yesterday we hiked to the waterfall on the second volcano on Ometepe. same crew as the volcano (Nine, Luisa, Peter and yo) plus 3 from France. They were 3 best friends since birth, allin their early 50's, a funny guy and his 2 female mates (in the British sense). Again, the group had great chemistry than made them hike go fast, and fun.

Compared to the day before this was an easy 3k hike there, and then 3k back. But on a volcano nothing is that easy.. We had boulder scrambles, and today my legs are shot. But it was well worth it. We saw monkeys and parrots, and we got to swim in the lagoon. The waterfall is around 80 m high, spectacular!

Afterward we went to Ojo de Agua, a natural spring and resort, were we swam in the magic water and ate beef and drank a beer. It was again a perfect day!

The roads around the island make all of this difficult. The roads are almost undriveable. Our vehicle never went about 5 mph. Huge craters dig out the roads so the driver is constantly stopping and cutting across, and dodging cows and goats. The best way to drive the island is by motorbike. But motocross bike, not a road bike. But as a group that is not an option. If we had not reconnected as a group Nine was going to rent me a motocross bike. I had apprehensions on this, but fortunately, the crew rebanded. Good times!

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