Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sleep Sack

Today I bought a sleep sack at Wilderness Exchange. It cost $6.75. So I will not have to sew my own, which is nice. At REI the sleep sacks were costing between $35 - $55 and were very fancy, made of silk etc. My $6.75 sleep sack is nylon and functional. Not pretty but will keep the bed bugs off.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Airfare pt.2 - Lietadlo

Today I bought our flight tickets. I got a great deal on Air Canada - 2 round-trip tickets from SFO to Munich for $513 per ticket. Their "change return flight" policies are very liberal. You pay $150.00 to change your return flight, and you have one year to use the ticket. The tickets are also partially refundable if you need to cancel your trip.

So Hugh and I will be flying out of SFO on August 27th on flight #758; transfer in Toronto to flight #846. He will return September 8th on flight #847 and #739. I will stay on and return in October.

This means Hugh will have time to see France and go to the wedding parties in Slovakia!!!

Camera pt 2- fotoaparat

Hugh's new camera arrived yesterday. It is huge!

Airfare - Lietadlo

This week I contacted the travel agent that assisted my family with airfare to John and Andrea's wedding. I am also tracking airfare on the internet. My research has lead me to believe that Munich is the cheapest airport to fly in and out of, as well as the airport with easy connections and central location.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Camera

Hugh bought the camera today. Therefore, I plan on buying our plane tickets this week.