Thursday, March 24, 2011

Testing the iPad

This is a test. This is not just a test of the iPad, but a test of my patience and my editing on a non-keyboard keyboard. also, this gives me a chance to explain that when I was blogging in Eastern Europe I was using Cyrillic keyboards. Next time I travel it would be ideal to bring a computer of some sort. The iPad seems like it could be a great travel companion, if I can blog and book hostels on with it. Since we are going to Mexico in 2 months I can bring it for a test drive, even though I plan on booking everything ahead of time. So far the keyboard seems ok.

So on to other topics of interest. Wearing socks - something I avoid doing. the husband always is telling me to put on socks because my feet are cold. But I don't like wearing socks, no sir. I am wearing them rig now, since it is cold outside , but I don't like it.

If you wear sock in the bathroom or kitchen you are risking having wet sock feet, which is icky and slimy. And wearing socks ruins them.the heels wear out veery fast. Also, I don't get blisters, and my feet don't sweat. So what is the point.