Monday, January 30, 2012

Last day in Samara

Debra and her new hot pink bike! She is staying and teaching English to the kids. She is from Colorado USA, and is a great travel partner!

Marcus and Jill - my favorite amigos! Great futbol players, and great comrades!

The fantastic staff at The school Inturcultura. thank you!

The road in and out of town. The place I got off the bus.

The Samara Info Center. They were the best! The hooked me up with the first place I stayed, they gave me tide charts and bus schedules, and told me abut the Toros and the Triathalon!

My Cheers, with their very own Norm, known as Patrick aka the old man in the sea.

Owned by 2 American guys from Georgia.

The spot I did my homework with a Pilsen.

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Location:Calle Intercultura,Sámara,Costa Rica

More Toros

I started to write a blog story on the toros let night and lost all the data.....

So this is just the bullet points:

On Saturday afternoon, 4 friends and I took the super cheap public bus (blue bird school bus) to Nosara, the beach city about 1.5 hours north of Samara.

We had no idea what we were doing but we had tons of luck with us on the trip.

The bus was buzzing with energy, a third of the people were on the bus going to the fiesta.

We rolled into town, and saw the parade of dancing horses.

We had the best tacos at a local bar, and met Maryanne, a lady with a car, who gladly let us hitch a ride to our hostel, the Almost Paradise.

At Almost Paradise the owner and his crew joined us for a night on the town and toros.

Christian from Canada spend an hour in the ring with the bulls cause he is crazy.

We stayed up till 3:30 in the mooring with drunk talk, glorious drunk talk.

In the morning Justin the owner made us an awesome breakfast, and we hit the beach and caught the local bus home.

At the bus transfer, we started hitchhiking, and we got more luck - my papa Tica drove by with a pick up and gave us a ride back to Samara.

It was one of the best weekends ever! Toros are cool!

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Potos of Toros

Location:Nosara Costa Rica

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Coffee plantation

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Location:Costa Rica

School dropout

Just became a school dropout. Hitting the road to see Toros tonight, and off to Nicaragua on Tuesday!

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Friday, January 27, 2012


I am sick of ants using my body as a super highway. And those mother fuckers bite. Carl, you would not be happy... Sun and ants, your 2 enemies....

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

One more shot

I like this shot of Carola scoping out the very busy dining room, while the band plays and the customers are crazed.

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Location:Cafe Carola

Tres caballeros

Carola making dinner in her cafe:

Tres Caballeros:

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Putin pics

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Location:Cafe Carola

Vladimir Putin

Yesterday after school, after a crappy all around day, in class and at the beach ( stupid French guy yelled at me 2x because I was swimming too close to him and his wife - prick) I went to Cafe Carola and met Vladimir. She is female, but she is so tough that she can lead Moscow. She beats up the neighborhood dogs she does not like. She made my day better. You can't say that about her namesake now can you.

She also got to eat filet mignon last night. One of the locals had Carola's special, filet with a butter cream sauce and potatoes, and fed the last bites to Vladamir. She was a very pleased cat.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Urst said it best

My friend Urst said it best today "I got a school hangover." He is feeling the same thing today that I am feeling: tired of school, sick of classes, the surf kind of sucks, it was better last week, I don't want to do anything. I might skip futbol tonight, just because I should study more, and sleep a little longer. I just feel tired and grumpy.

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Only 8 more days of class. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love to learn, but hate classrooms and hates school. Sometimes it is necessary.... But man oh man, I am ready to be done.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

MamaGui Bistro

MamaGui bistro - good wine, very good prices, homemade burger and pizza

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Picture of Ella

Ella at the small island. She is from Victoria ( I always sing that name with the Kinks song - Victoria!)

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Lonely planet pt 2

I met up will Ella at MamaGui accidentally. After my mojito at Gusta Beach I headed to the French Canadian cafe for an American burger and wifi. And in she walked alone and sat right across from me, not even realizing it. I was so happy to see her. I had just emailed her photos of her and the dolphins, since her camera had stooped working.

I ordered my burger and she ordered buttered gnocchi. We swapped stories of the boat, she filling me in on the almost capsized that I could not see from the water, and me asking a million questions.

In the early 60's she and a group of catholic school girls, her classmates, all took a bus to Disneyland, and on the way they stopped in San Francisco. At the time she was sporting the most Mod of dress. She had hot pink bell bottoms with lime green polkadots, and big chunky plastic hot pink earrings, and a black tunic top with white plastic buttons. She also had hot pi k,lime and orange mini skirts, but not obscenely short, just above the knee. She was a dish way back then. Now she is an ambitious dignified lady with a little bit of Parkansins in the hands.

She and I spend a fab Saturday together and then spend a great Monday dinner together. The Ella's and Elle's of the world unite!

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Elle's version of Lonely Planet

Since I am living with a local family, I have not taken advantage of the night life, or sampled the restaurants, to a large extent. But this Monday night I am foot loose and fancy free. Mi familia is en san Jose, so I am going out to dinner.

My first spot was to buy groceries, thinking I would make a sandwich and have a beer, on the beach, watching the tide go out. The main grocery store sounds like a Hawaiian goddess, the Pali ( or at least a main freeway on Oahu). The Pali is located right off the main road, and is easy to locate due to the big orange sign. I bought the staples: ham, bread, mayo, beer, and a few avocados.

I headed back to school and put my purchases in the fridge, and headed out to Gusto Beach, the trendy cocktail beach bar. This bar features mixed fruity drinks and non alcoholic juices, bean bags on the sandy beach, and games you can rent, such as volleyball, and futbol. I took in a mojito champagne cocktail and discussed plans for the weekend with mis amigos, and then headed out for some real food.

I took a couch at Mama GUI, the French, Belgian, Canadian, bistro on the same street as the Pali. This cafe has freshly made to order pizza, and fresh burgers that are not over cooked. The fries are crispy and salty, and the wine is perfect Italian table wine. And all of this for under 10,000 colon. My husband would approve of the burger - fresh, not frozen meat. And wifi. And I ran into 3 different friend I had just met over the weekend.

2 of my new friend are from Ontario and are buying a winter home here. The second I had spent last saturday with on a boat. Her name is Ella, like Ella FitzgerAld. She is from Victoria, Canada ( like the Kinks - Victoria!) She is about 70, and has a spirit for travel and adventure, but knows her limits. She and I shared a seat on the fishing boat on Saturday and I helped her take photos and spot dolphins. We swapped travel stories and she gave me food reviews (since I have not had a chance to eat out). I emailed her a bunch of fantastic photos of the little island that Marcus our fishing guide took us, a small island off the mainland, that you cannot see the private beach unless you are on the pacific side.

At dinner she told me stories of our trip that she could see that I could not, since she remained in the boat, and I went swimming in the protective lagoon created by the island. Apparently, our shipmates almost tipped the boat when they tried to get back in the boat. I was almost under the boat at the time pushing on butts, so I had no idea... We had 3 land lubbers with us who claimed they could swim and got in a little over their heads. But al is well that ends well. No one drowned, and no one was left on the island. (however Marcus volunteered to leave me there to swim more while he took the land lubbers home to their Resort. He and I are amigos now and plan on working together next weekend on organizing another tour...)

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Almost killed hoy

Today I was 1 second away from death. This coco dropped and landed in front of me. If it had hit me on the head, who knows... It is a good one, full of fresh water and coconut. I will eat my enemy tonight!

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Boat to the island

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Location:Samara costa rica

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Amiga's injury

One of mi amiga's here at school injured her foot last Wednesday at the soccer match. She is an ex-college soccer player who was going pro, but got injured out of a soccer career. So she is very athletic, and very talented at futbol. By just a random fluke of the ball, she took a pass too hard and got a bone bruise on her right foot at the ankle bone. It swelled up into an orange size bulb immediately. I got her ice and she tried to do damage control, but 3 days later it is still killing her, and is purple. ( which is actually a good sign, it is getting better.) But... By random luck, she stepped on some vegetation and got a puncture right where the bruise was, and that became infected. Again there was damage control, antibiotics you can get over the counter. (stupid USA - you would have to go to the ER for $1000 for stupid $5 antibiotics. Here, you just go get them. 10 minutes, done. ) (maybe Americans need to be taught what an infection looks like too. Us atheletes can see the puss and pink spider veins.)

Hopefully it will be better by Wednesday. It would kill her not to play this week.


Yesterday I got in my first costa rican long run. About 10 miles to the beach next to us, la playa Carrillo. There was a triathlon being set up. I was hoping to see the event; I got there around 7 am. However, to my shock, the race was not to start until 2 pm. That's crazy! It is 95f at that time, and just a balmy 75f at 7am. What were they thinking!

Friday, January 20, 2012


I passed my second exam today!

This was a big deal for me. This week has been very difficult. I am not gifted in language abilities. I can talk like I kissed the blarney stone, but grammar has always eluded me. In my native language. So in Spanish, grammar is a double whammy.

I studied about 2.5 hours last night, using law school methods, charting out grammar in multiple colored graphs. I got a good night sleep, a very light breakfast, and got to school early. (I have bad luck on test days - long story. I have to be at a test site very early) The test was 1.5 hours. I used up every second. I barely completed the test. Skin of my teeth.

After the test there was a 2-3 hour wait for grades and next weeks class placement. I really wanted to pass so I could be placed In the same class as mis amigos. I waited. I waited. I waited.

I passes! Got the same grades as mis amigos! But.... We are still separated ;( numbers game. We are separated because of other factors ;(
I get to make new friends ;)

What I can say is this: Intercultura is a very good language school. You get exactly what they advertise. The classes are small and very interactive. It is immersive - 100% in Spanish. No cheating. This may leave the noob frustrated, but if the noob let's their guard down, plays the fool and vocalizes, the learning curve shortens. The classes are well structured, and the teachers are very good, dynamic, and patient. The classes are hard ; this is not a day at the beach, even if it is a school on the beach. Expect 4 hours of class a day, 2 hours of homework a day, and then extra conversation lessons, in a method of your choice. This leaves you no time to party, just eat and sleep, and maybe a workout or run. This is a throwback to high school, if you were a good student. (which I was not). I highly recommend the school, but go in understanding what this is, or you will be frustrated. You will work hard. You may fail. You will learn Spanish. You will live in one of the best beaches I have ever seen (and I have family in Hawaii).

The school also offers social events; I have skipped all of the daily events due to homework. I did participate in the weekend event, and it was totally awesome! Way better that what was advertised.

I would totally come back to this school. And Samara, la playa and pueblo, are totally awesome, a secret that hopefully will keep quiet so it does not get a hotel and huge buses. Very laid back, safe, and perfect beginner surf, an empty Waikiki. ( with waves slightly bigger than Waikiki at high tide)


I am totally panicking over this grammar exam.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So after a very stressful 4 hour class (todo en espanol) I wanted to be alone with my thoughts, and get a beer (which is not permitted at mi casa por AA). None of us students have gone to the reggae bar next door, I don't know why. I just discovered it is fricken awesome! They only speak Spanish, they only play reggae, and the prices are good. They have wifi; when I asked what the password was, the bartender said "libre". I thought that "libre" was the password, but no, they have totally free wifi anyone can steal or use, even if your a bum on the beach. They practice their religion, as to wifi at least! ( they just lit up.... Why are there no students here?)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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Cansado pt 3

Domingo, Sunday, after eggs and coffee, we headed out to rio Fontana, a local watering hole, public, with a rope swing over the river. I love me a river and river swing. I'll post some unflattering photos of me swinging out over the river. You get a good view of my big butt. Then it was off to volcano Arenal.

Arenal is currently dormant, however it has been very recently active, just last in October of 2010. Since it can start gassing and fuming at any time you cannot hike the whole thing. It is a traditional cone volcano, the kind of picture books. It killed a bunch of people in 2010, from the sulfer fumes. We hiked about 2 miles to a good viewing site. The hike itself is famous; on a good day you can see toucans and sloths. We just saw some fancy birds. Still very cool.

We hit the city of fortuna and the good coffee shops. The only souvenirs I have is the memory of great coffee and some photos.

I'll post some photos of my butt.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cansado pt 2

After the futbol, we got back on the crazy, could kill you, single track on a steep mountain road, to our next connection, a a flat bottom boat to take us across the mane made lake arenal, to our next hotel. Lake Arenal is a man-made lake at the base of Arenal volcano. This lake produces 70% of costa rica's electricity, for both internal use and for export, mainly to Nicaragua. This lake is also famous for windsurfing. This area is a rainforest, so our ride looked like a scene from Apacalypse Now. They do have crocs all over costa rica, but we did not see any in the lake.

We checked into a very cute bungalow style hotel, Jardine Hotel, near the many famous hot springs and spas. The famous, such as Bill Gates and Will Smith come to this area to enjoy the volcanic hot springs. And so did we! After checking into the hotel, we headed off to Baldi spa. It was one of our chicas 26th birthday, so we enjoyed a free la leche cake with our grand buffet dinner.


Muy cansado, very tired, due to the extreme weekend I just experienced. After class on Friday, a group of eight of us, 7 chicas, and Iko or German token male, took a private tour to the interior of costa rica. The afternoon started off on a very long, serpintine, rough and bumpy ride to Monteverde, famous for their canopy zip-line tours. That Friday we ate at Tico yRica, a local eatery, then hit the not happening disco tech, got hit on by very very drunk argentinians, and to bed early.

The next morning, after an early breakfast, we speed off to the Monteverde Extremo! Park. Yes, I did 16 zip lines above the jungle canopy, and a 30 meter repel. Yes I am terrified of hights, but this was a once in a lifetime experience and I did not want to miss out because of fear. So I sucked it up, and, surprise, no vertigo, just a great time. I bought the photos the guides take, so I have proof thit I actually did this.

While waiting for our bus, some of the group played an impromptu game of futbol with the Extremo! Guides. The

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mi Tica familia pt 2

I am getting to know my Tica mama better. She is a wonderful warm hearted women, but wound up pretty tight. She is losing her hair due to stress. It sounds like stress includes family and friends,and the responsibilities of being a matriarch. Last night she cooked and hosted for 19, and this was just a Wednesday. Tonight she is running an AA meeting, which, it appears she does numerous nights a week. With my cover of being a dedicated runner and very studious student, I have been able to avoid too much interaction and conversation with the hangers in and out.

She is very attentive to my needs; she makes me breakfast and dinner everyday, and does my laundry. I have not experienced this since I was maybe 10 years old. I have tried to make things easy for her by being a worry free guest. I always tell her where I am going and when I will be back, and I stick to it. I know that reliability takes away stress, and that is the one thing I can do for her.


Every wednesday our school has an evening soccer game, students vs teachers. I, of coarse, had to sign up to play. Now, I have not played a real game of soccer in 10 years. The last time I had played a real game was when I was studying abroad in England, where we had pick up games a few times a week, which we took somewhat seriously. So my own expectation of performance was low, and the embarrassment factor high.

The game was scheduled for 8:00 pm, which means that play would last way past my bedtime, insuring that my performance not be too sharp. Not to mention, I had a 5 mile run at 6 am, and a full day of classes, homework, and conversation with my host mama. After dinner with mama, I headed out alone, onto the dark, dusty streets of Samara. I had a hand drawn map from Julio, one of the teachers, that accurately depicted the back streets of the pueblo, pointing out landmarks such as the river with crocodiles, and the helado shop. The picture depicted a path off the road with curly swirly trees.

One can see all the equatorial stars, since there are no big cities near by, just the emptiness of the Pacific ocean. The moon was almost full, illumination the roads. About half a mile into the stroll to the game I met up with 3 other American students, 2 guys and a gala, who had gone to undergrad together, and had meet up to do some Central American touring together. They were tossing around an American football, which scared me a little - I cannot play American football. But they had only brought along the ball for fun, in case the futbal game didn't work out. Their fears were misplaced; the field was a professional indoor style, placed outdoors, meaning a half sized field with AstroTurf and field lighting.

About 12 students showed up for serious play and about 6 teachers. We made up 3 teams of 5, with the remainders tagging in and out when someone needed a breather. Two teams play, winner play the third. I ended up as keeper, since 1. I am old, and 2. No one wants to be keeper. I actually impressed some folks; I could overhear others saying I was pretty good. Truth was, I did some very good saves, when I did not use my hands. I was not great, but I held my own, and think that next week no one will reject me from the team. I did play wing a few minutes here and there to give someone a breather, but my sprinting is not so good.

The teachers won all the games, but us foreigners gave them a run for their money. We played till a team scored 3, and our first game was close and ran 30 minutes, which, on a half field is tough and fast play. And this is central America; it was 90 f and humid. My team consisted of me, 2 other Americans and 2 Swiss. None of us were used to the heat and humidity. We looked as if we had just come in from a rainstorm.

On the walk home I got to speak to my teammates from Germany, Switzerland, and Quebec. Annie, from Quebec, barely speaks English; our common language is now Spanish. She and I are taking a trip to Monteverde and Arenal volcano this weekend. With Spanish our only common toungue, my Spanish will be forced to improve.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mi Tica Familia

Last night I had dinner conversation en espanol with my host mama, and now I know why the family is so strict - mama has been in AA for 19 years dry and her husband 15 years dry. I am going to be extremely respectful (but get a beer after soccer with the students, and brush my teeth before going home, on time or early. No late nights for me). Also mama goes to the USA for AA in Miami, so I am sure she knows some English, so I will make sure I always speak with respect, at all times. The village is very small,so everyone knows everyone's business. I am sure that's why when I told a couple local gringos where I was staying ( after hearing their wild party stories) they gave me weird looks. The gringos may think I am a teetotaler. So not true, but I want to be respectful, so I am going to be very careful not to do anything around town that the family could hear about and be ashamed, or try to get me to go to church, or something. On The flip side, my house has great food, and very clean. The house is more of a little hacienda, or villa, full of plants. The have a washing machine, 2 large kitchens, large living room, a veranda, little dog, garden. Yep, my house is way cool! (it reminds me of Andrea's parents house, if in a Spanish style hacienda.)

Also mama has 2 sisters in the USA, one in Michigan and one in Wisconsin. I told her I was born on Michigan, but prefer California because of sun and my dislike of cold.

It is going To be a weird month! But for learning Spanish, I got the best deal, strict family that loves to cook, and a quiet home. The opposite of me, really, but good for learning. Oh I also got a 5 mile run in today. The family respects running. So looks like I'll get in my training without a problem. The heat is good for thinking about the Hawaii marathon!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tasty waves

Day two of school was just as hard. Class got out at noon and I ran a few errand waiting for the tide to come in. It was worth the wait; I caught 4 waves body surfing. Nice size waves, about a California 1 foot or a Hawaii half foot to one foot. There were a few really good sets. One of the local Ticas told me I was good, being nice, and then gave me some good tips. Samara is a gentle sandy break, no rocks or coral, and the break slowly pulls long shore as the tide moves in. When the tide is out, no waves. When the tide is in, nice sets curl in gently and break a little distant off shore, enough to hinder non swimmers.

Today I signed up to play in tomorrow's soccer futbol game, as well as a bicycle tour thursday, and Friday I will leave for a 3 day excursion to monteverde and arsenal volcano tour.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Sunday afternoon I moved in with a local couple, M and J, a pleasant middle aged couple, who live outside of town, but walking distance from both the school and the beach. M, the house-mom is neat a a pin, and a very enthusiastic cook. The casa is new and spotless; this couple is much classier than myself, so I am on my best behavior. They have family, 5 brothers who live down the street. They do not speak any English, so every moment I am working hard to comprehend, so the brain cannot take a moment off to rest. I have a private bedroom and bathroom, both very clean and new, that smell of fresh cedar and teak. They own an aged terrier named Terry who is a sweet heart. M has an extensive garden, and a lovely lanai for reading and study. M has already cooked me 2 meals -she has 2 huge kitchens- she is very serious about cooking and gardening!

Monday morning at 7 am was my first day of classes. I am a total beginner; it is going to be very intense. Total immersion, no English. This school is hardcore; this is very evident. So it appears the next month will be 24-7 en espanol!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Casa carola

Yesterday was my first proper full day in Samara. I did the usual - a run, a local breakfast, a few swims, and hours of exploring on foot. I found the local large cheap grocery - the Pali, and had sandwiches for lunch and dinner, of ham and avocado (which I think was imported from Mexico). The hostel has a few teenage cats, the grey and white one befriended me, and has now scored 2 ham sandwiches. She is a tree climber, stalking the local lizards. They have iguanas here; I met on at another grocery store hanging out With the potatoes. Casa Valeria is very dog and cat friendly, 2 dogs and 2 cats are residence, and makes the vibe even better.

There is a bar right next door, that had 2 for 1 drinks during happy hour (5-7), so last night I treated myself out. This was the quiet mellow bar. The loud American bar is down the street, and was apparently packed last night due to a football game. I think it was Texas. My bar was older locals having dinner, and mellow. I made friends with Andy from Sheffield UK, a solo traveler also staying at the same hostel. Very interesting guy, who is a professional roadie. He told me stories of his holiday here (had been here for 2 weeks), and stories of musicians. Notably, David Bowie is not that smart, other than in music. Apparently, the drug use of the past fried his old brain. But as to music, he still gots it. Andy's parents were both from Poland, and escaped, via Israel, during WWII, then onto England. Andy and I exchanged stories of Poznan and Krakow, as well as book recommendations.

I called it an early night and got to bed by 9 pm. I am nervous about meeting the host family today. Will they like me? Will I like them?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Second night in CR

Full moon over playa samara. Got in 2 swims. Very laid back day. Had a beer with a roadie for Rodger Waters of Pink Floyd fame. Hint - wear Led Zeppelin tee-shirts, you will meet roadies. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Location:Samara CR


Today I got my first beach run in. Ran for 32 minutes. My best guess is I got about 2.5 miles in. I ran along playa Samara, back and forth, barefoot. I have a mid foot strike normally, so beach running does not affect any muscles not already developed, however, the soles of my feet are now a bit sore. hey, new callouses are good.

The beach

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Location:Costa rica

Costa Rica

The flight from the USA was totally uneventful. I am glad I packed 2 sandwiches - the flight only had expensive meals, dried out turkey sandwiches. The flight was also late getting in, for the typical reasons - another flight was cancelled so they can squeeze more into ours. Almost everyone on the flight was a gringo going on vacation, like myself. But the weird thing is, once we got to Liberia, they all disappeared into the night. It was only myself and the plane's crew that took the free shuttle to the Hilton. There were swarms of taxi drivers jumping all over the passengers exiting the very tiny airport (it is just a parking lot sized hanger,with just our plane there; we were theonlyreason the place was open). The Hilton was empty but for us.

The customs inspector ( who confiscated the rest of my lunch) taught me how to say Samara correctly. He said you say it like a song. I kept accenting it wrong, and this little singing trick is helpful.

After a decent night sleep, I got up early, to decide my next location. The hilton is a total rip off; one night costs the same as a week at a nice local hotel ( I said hotel, not dorm room hostel). The front desk informed me that the local bus to Nicoya (transfer point to Samara) is just across the street and costs about $2 USD. I was not in the mood to explore Liberia, so sleeping on a bus sounded great. Again, no gringos in sight. I am the only person hanging out at the bus stop at 9 am. I know 300 somegringos arrived last night... Where did they all go? Did the jungle eat them up? I guess they'll took midnight taxis to local beaches. None are on the bus to Nicoya.

The local bus was even cheaper that the hotel stated. It was a local, so many stops in villages, picking up moms and kids mostly. Local city bus - hard seats and heat,but the weather is actually mild, maybe 75f.

In Nicoya I had to use my very poor Spanish to find the bus depo, since this bus did not actually stop there,but circles back to Liberia. Again,in poor spanish, a local taxi driver informed me that I had 8 minutes to wait for the Samara bus. The depo toilets were spartan, but cheap and clean, and western style. (always bring your own TP; of coarse I had mine, I am no noob.)

The bus to Samara was plush - big soft seats. The road was very twisty and turny, up and down small mountains on good paved roads. Half the bus was local teens going to the beach on winter break. As soon as I got off the bus I made a bee line to the info center. That was super smart. Hadn't reserved a room. The Canadian guy who runs it called around town and secured me a great private room at a
beachfront hostel for 25$ a night. The place was perfect, a little casablanca not in any of the brochures, run by a local family. I got the only open room. A couple of exchange students had been following me and tried to get a room there, even cut in front of me. They were told the place was full. Then I stepped up and they knew my first name and walked me to my private room. And when I say on the beach, I mean, I am a few steps away. I can drink my free morning coffee watching the waves.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


At the sky box sports bar, seemingly affiliated with fox sports. 1.5 layover. Who the f$&@ is Tim tibow? he appears to be a big deal. (and excuse my iPad piss poor typing)

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Day 1 SFO to LIB

It is 7:30 am in SFO, and I am having my second coffee of the morning. Already Spanish is the first language of the day; the ladies in line for coffee are discussing the calorie count of the creamer in espanol. I still use the half and half over the milk; it just tastes better and 40 calories is not going to kill me.