Monday, January 16, 2012

Cansado pt 2

After the futbol, we got back on the crazy, could kill you, single track on a steep mountain road, to our next connection, a a flat bottom boat to take us across the mane made lake arenal, to our next hotel. Lake Arenal is a man-made lake at the base of Arenal volcano. This lake produces 70% of costa rica's electricity, for both internal use and for export, mainly to Nicaragua. This lake is also famous for windsurfing. This area is a rainforest, so our ride looked like a scene from Apacalypse Now. They do have crocs all over costa rica, but we did not see any in the lake.

We checked into a very cute bungalow style hotel, Jardine Hotel, near the many famous hot springs and spas. The famous, such as Bill Gates and Will Smith come to this area to enjoy the volcanic hot springs. And so did we! After checking into the hotel, we headed off to Baldi spa. It was one of our chicas 26th birthday, so we enjoyed a free la leche cake with our grand buffet dinner.

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