Monday, January 23, 2012

Lonely planet pt 2

I met up will Ella at MamaGui accidentally. After my mojito at Gusta Beach I headed to the French Canadian cafe for an American burger and wifi. And in she walked alone and sat right across from me, not even realizing it. I was so happy to see her. I had just emailed her photos of her and the dolphins, since her camera had stooped working.

I ordered my burger and she ordered buttered gnocchi. We swapped stories of the boat, she filling me in on the almost capsized that I could not see from the water, and me asking a million questions.

In the early 60's she and a group of catholic school girls, her classmates, all took a bus to Disneyland, and on the way they stopped in San Francisco. At the time she was sporting the most Mod of dress. She had hot pink bell bottoms with lime green polkadots, and big chunky plastic hot pink earrings, and a black tunic top with white plastic buttons. She also had hot pi k,lime and orange mini skirts, but not obscenely short, just above the knee. She was a dish way back then. Now she is an ambitious dignified lady with a little bit of Parkansins in the hands.

She and I spend a fab Saturday together and then spend a great Monday dinner together. The Ella's and Elle's of the world unite!

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