Friday, January 20, 2012


I passed my second exam today!

This was a big deal for me. This week has been very difficult. I am not gifted in language abilities. I can talk like I kissed the blarney stone, but grammar has always eluded me. In my native language. So in Spanish, grammar is a double whammy.

I studied about 2.5 hours last night, using law school methods, charting out grammar in multiple colored graphs. I got a good night sleep, a very light breakfast, and got to school early. (I have bad luck on test days - long story. I have to be at a test site very early) The test was 1.5 hours. I used up every second. I barely completed the test. Skin of my teeth.

After the test there was a 2-3 hour wait for grades and next weeks class placement. I really wanted to pass so I could be placed In the same class as mis amigos. I waited. I waited. I waited.

I passes! Got the same grades as mis amigos! But.... We are still separated ;( numbers game. We are separated because of other factors ;(
I get to make new friends ;)

What I can say is this: Intercultura is a very good language school. You get exactly what they advertise. The classes are small and very interactive. It is immersive - 100% in Spanish. No cheating. This may leave the noob frustrated, but if the noob let's their guard down, plays the fool and vocalizes, the learning curve shortens. The classes are well structured, and the teachers are very good, dynamic, and patient. The classes are hard ; this is not a day at the beach, even if it is a school on the beach. Expect 4 hours of class a day, 2 hours of homework a day, and then extra conversation lessons, in a method of your choice. This leaves you no time to party, just eat and sleep, and maybe a workout or run. This is a throwback to high school, if you were a good student. (which I was not). I highly recommend the school, but go in understanding what this is, or you will be frustrated. You will work hard. You may fail. You will learn Spanish. You will live in one of the best beaches I have ever seen (and I have family in Hawaii).

The school also offers social events; I have skipped all of the daily events due to homework. I did participate in the weekend event, and it was totally awesome! Way better that what was advertised.

I would totally come back to this school. And Samara, la playa and pueblo, are totally awesome, a secret that hopefully will keep quiet so it does not get a hotel and huge buses. Very laid back, safe, and perfect beginner surf, an empty Waikiki. ( with waves slightly bigger than Waikiki at high tide)

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