Monday, January 30, 2012

Last day in Samara

Debra and her new hot pink bike! She is staying and teaching English to the kids. She is from Colorado USA, and is a great travel partner!

Marcus and Jill - my favorite amigos! Great futbol players, and great comrades!

The fantastic staff at The school Inturcultura. thank you!

The road in and out of town. The place I got off the bus.

The Samara Info Center. They were the best! The hooked me up with the first place I stayed, they gave me tide charts and bus schedules, and told me abut the Toros and the Triathalon!

My Cheers, with their very own Norm, known as Patrick aka the old man in the sea.

Owned by 2 American guys from Georgia.

The spot I did my homework with a Pilsen.

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Location:Calle Intercultura,Sámara,Costa Rica


  1. Seems like a place we might want to visit again!

  2. Totally Hugh - it is a place you would love! Very chill and a great beach! And lots of wifi.