Monday, January 9, 2012


Sunday afternoon I moved in with a local couple, M and J, a pleasant middle aged couple, who live outside of town, but walking distance from both the school and the beach. M, the house-mom is neat a a pin, and a very enthusiastic cook. The casa is new and spotless; this couple is much classier than myself, so I am on my best behavior. They have family, 5 brothers who live down the street. They do not speak any English, so every moment I am working hard to comprehend, so the brain cannot take a moment off to rest. I have a private bedroom and bathroom, both very clean and new, that smell of fresh cedar and teak. They own an aged terrier named Terry who is a sweet heart. M has an extensive garden, and a lovely lanai for reading and study. M has already cooked me 2 meals -she has 2 huge kitchens- she is very serious about cooking and gardening!

Monday morning at 7 am was my first day of classes. I am a total beginner; it is going to be very intense. Total immersion, no English. This school is hardcore; this is very evident. So it appears the next month will be 24-7 en espanol!

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