Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mi Tica Familia

Last night I had dinner conversation en espanol with my host mama, and now I know why the family is so strict - mama has been in AA for 19 years dry and her husband 15 years dry. I am going to be extremely respectful (but get a beer after soccer with the students, and brush my teeth before going home, on time or early. No late nights for me). Also mama goes to the USA for AA in Miami, so I am sure she knows some English, so I will make sure I always speak with respect, at all times. The village is very small,so everyone knows everyone's business. I am sure that's why when I told a couple local gringos where I was staying ( after hearing their wild party stories) they gave me weird looks. The gringos may think I am a teetotaler. So not true, but I want to be respectful, so I am going to be very careful not to do anything around town that the family could hear about and be ashamed, or try to get me to go to church, or something. On The flip side, my house has great food, and very clean. The house is more of a little hacienda, or villa, full of plants. The have a washing machine, 2 large kitchens, large living room, a veranda, little dog, garden. Yep, my house is way cool! (it reminds me of Andrea's parents house, if in a Spanish style hacienda.)

Also mama has 2 sisters in the USA, one in Michigan and one in Wisconsin. I told her I was born on Michigan, but prefer California because of sun and my dislike of cold.

It is going To be a weird month! But for learning Spanish, I got the best deal, strict family that loves to cook, and a quiet home. The opposite of me, really, but good for learning. Oh I also got a 5 mile run in today. The family respects running. So looks like I'll get in my training without a problem. The heat is good for thinking about the Hawaii marathon!

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