Monday, April 30, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Half marathon black toe

April 8 was the San Francisco US Half Marathon. Due to my sting ray injury, I was not in the best of running shape, not allowed to wear shoes, etc...

The foot with the injury was very weak, and I put way too much pressure on the forefoot, since the injury was on my heel. (I don't know if my heel ever hit the ground.) My big toe turned black with bruising. This photo is 3 weeks out from the run, finally looking ok:

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Vivo barefoot Achilles

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Running Shoes - VivoBarefoot Achilles

Due to the sting ray injury, I cannot wear running shoes. However, I am signed up for a half marathon and a full marathon and need to keep training. So I went on the internet to find a product that would protect my feet from stepping on broken glass on a run, but still not be a shoe, an evil shoe rubbing my heel where the fish attacked me...Which lead me to I found a shoe and a company that carried my size - bigfoot for girls. quickly shipped my pair of VivoBarefoot Achilles, giving me time to break them in before a half-marathon. These barefoot style running sandals are a modern take on the huaraches sandals discussed in the book "Born To Run". Made from molded Thermoplastic Urethane, the split toe design is a glorified flip-flop with an adjustable nylon velcro strap that attaches the slipper to the heel. After a month of training runs and a complete half marathon, these sandals successfully protected my feet from the hazards of road running, with no hot-spots or blisters. These sandals are not for the beginner minimalist footwear runner; the ultra thin 3mm sole simulates the flexible feel of barefoot running without fear of glass and heat destroying your feet. The hexegonal honeycomb footbed gives good ground grip for traction, and the slight curve on the sides of the sandal protects the foot from some gravel and the occasional pebble. However, this is a true sandal and not a shoe or foot glove, and use on trail runs will leave the foot wet and dirty. Sizes are general; I ordered size 41 womens, and recieved a product marked large, 41-42. Size was appropriate and I am happy to report a PR while wearing these shoes.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I am reading Wild by cheryl strayed. It is the story of Cheryl hiking the PCT (pacific crest trail) in 1995. I was just on a part of this trail a few days ago (Noble Trail section), and met a few thru hikers. I don't have the stamina or the permits to ever consider a thru hike. But it remains a fantasy of mine. Yes, I can travel the world alone, but not hike the PCT alone. Too easy to fall off a cliff or break an ankle. I always get injured when I travel, so I need to be near a rescue.

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Friday, April 13, 2012


I am at the Hostel International in San Diego, on the third floor kitchen area, looking out the window onto Market Street. It is a cold and rainy day, not a typical SoCal day. My view for the past hour has been overlooking a homeless man wrapped in an American flag shivering in a doorway across the street. Since I live in the Bay Area I am used to such sights. But it is startling after being abroad for a few months. There is homelessness everywhere around the world. But in the places I have been recently it is not as in your face as it is in the USA. Here you dodge homeless on the sidewalk daily. Today on my way back from the drug store a man pushing his belongings in a grocery cart, overflowing with everything he has, apologized to me for taking up space on the sidewalk. I said "it's ok, don't worry," but that is just not right. Umerika, you are a but screwed up....

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