Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cansado pt 3

Domingo, Sunday, after eggs and coffee, we headed out to rio Fontana, a local watering hole, public, with a rope swing over the river. I love me a river and river swing. I'll post some unflattering photos of me swinging out over the river. You get a good view of my big butt. Then it was off to volcano Arenal.

Arenal is currently dormant, however it has been very recently active, just last in October of 2010. Since it can start gassing and fuming at any time you cannot hike the whole thing. It is a traditional cone volcano, the kind of picture books. It killed a bunch of people in 2010, from the sulfer fumes. We hiked about 2 miles to a good viewing site. The hike itself is famous; on a good day you can see toucans and sloths. We just saw some fancy birds. Still very cool.

We hit the city of fortuna and the good coffee shops. The only souvenirs I have is the memory of great coffee and some photos.

I'll post some photos of my butt.

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