Sunday, January 22, 2012

Amiga's injury

One of mi amiga's here at school injured her foot last Wednesday at the soccer match. She is an ex-college soccer player who was going pro, but got injured out of a soccer career. So she is very athletic, and very talented at futbol. By just a random fluke of the ball, she took a pass too hard and got a bone bruise on her right foot at the ankle bone. It swelled up into an orange size bulb immediately. I got her ice and she tried to do damage control, but 3 days later it is still killing her, and is purple. ( which is actually a good sign, it is getting better.) But... By random luck, she stepped on some vegetation and got a puncture right where the bruise was, and that became infected. Again there was damage control, antibiotics you can get over the counter. (stupid USA - you would have to go to the ER for $1000 for stupid $5 antibiotics. Here, you just go get them. 10 minutes, done. ) (maybe Americans need to be taught what an infection looks like too. Us atheletes can see the puss and pink spider veins.)

Hopefully it will be better by Wednesday. It would kill her not to play this week.


Yesterday I got in my first costa rican long run. About 10 miles to the beach next to us, la playa Carrillo. There was a triathlon being set up. I was hoping to see the event; I got there around 7 am. However, to my shock, the race was not to start until 2 pm. That's crazy! It is 95f at that time, and just a balmy 75f at 7am. What were they thinking!

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  1. glad you got the meds you needed... But do I really have to reiterate the problems of drug resistance and antibiotic overuse?