Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So after a very stressful 4 hour class (todo en espanol) I wanted to be alone with my thoughts, and get a beer (which is not permitted at mi casa por AA). None of us students have gone to the reggae bar next door, I don't know why. I just discovered it is fricken awesome! They only speak Spanish, they only play reggae, and the prices are good. They have wifi; when I asked what the password was, the bartender said "libre". I thought that "libre" was the password, but no, they have totally free wifi anyone can steal or use, even if your a bum on the beach. They practice their religion, as to wifi at least! ( they just lit up.... Why are there no students here?)

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  1. Just a guess, but I wonder if maybe the reggae people have a bad rep or something? Hardly seems like the think to keep students away, though. I'd guess the opposite, actually ;)