Sunday, January 8, 2012

Casa carola

Yesterday was my first proper full day in Samara. I did the usual - a run, a local breakfast, a few swims, and hours of exploring on foot. I found the local large cheap grocery - the Pali, and had sandwiches for lunch and dinner, of ham and avocado (which I think was imported from Mexico). The hostel has a few teenage cats, the grey and white one befriended me, and has now scored 2 ham sandwiches. She is a tree climber, stalking the local lizards. They have iguanas here; I met on at another grocery store hanging out With the potatoes. Casa Valeria is very dog and cat friendly, 2 dogs and 2 cats are residence, and makes the vibe even better.

There is a bar right next door, that had 2 for 1 drinks during happy hour (5-7), so last night I treated myself out. This was the quiet mellow bar. The loud American bar is down the street, and was apparently packed last night due to a football game. I think it was Texas. My bar was older locals having dinner, and mellow. I made friends with Andy from Sheffield UK, a solo traveler also staying at the same hostel. Very interesting guy, who is a professional roadie. He told me stories of his holiday here (had been here for 2 weeks), and stories of musicians. Notably, David Bowie is not that smart, other than in music. Apparently, the drug use of the past fried his old brain. But as to music, he still gots it. Andy's parents were both from Poland, and escaped, via Israel, during WWII, then onto England. Andy and I exchanged stories of Poznan and Krakow, as well as book recommendations.

I called it an early night and got to bed by 9 pm. I am nervous about meeting the host family today. Will they like me? Will I like them?

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  1. Oh, casa Carola is a German bakery run by a nice dutch woman, who makes fresh coffee and bread. I have a feeling I will be frequenting her place...