Sunday, February 12, 2012

I love Nicaragua

I love Nicaragua. It is the people. The people are friendly and caring, even if their circumstances are not good. They work hard, but are laid back, at the same time. They have treated me with openness and kindness, in every town, in every situation. Sure, there is crime, but it affects everyone, and is the same stuff around the world.

For example, Francisco is a local jewelry maker. He was originally from Ometepe, in a town with only 1 real house. He did not like school, and began making jewelry. He works hard, everyday. But he looks like he is doing nothing, at first glance. He works hard for little money, but loves his life, and has dreams of making a chain mail vest. He also dreams of going to Brazil.

And Michael. He works every job at the hotel. Concierg, chef, janitor, check in desk, party coordinator. He gets yelled at, he drinks beer on the job since his job is 24-7. He sleeps on the couch at the hotel because he cannot get a day off. But he will make sure you don't miss the bus to the beach, and he makes it appear that he is not working, he is a friend traveling with you; he is not working, he is your best friend.

And the surf guys. They need to make a living, but there are no waves, so that means no money. But they will give you first aid for free, and are hopeful that you might try surfing later, or tell a friend. They need the work.

Everyone is working 24-7, day and night. But they appear to have a day of. There are no days off.

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Location:Avenida Mercado,San Juan del Sur,Nicaragua

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