Monday, February 6, 2012

Mercado municipal

This morning I toured the Mercado Municipal. I do love visiting markets, they are always alive, and younger to see the real food of the region. This market, like those around the world, is hidden from the main streets. Once you find the alleyway entrance there is a whole city block dedicated to merchandise, foods and knives, shoes and services, soaps and keys.

The main staples appear to be rice, potatoes, plantains, cabbage, and the seasonal fruit is a type of mandarin/orange. The skin is green like an unripe orange, but the flesh is orange and sweet. The taste is like a California mandarin.

Chicken and fish and chichironnes appear to be the main meats. With all the pig skin I would want to see more pork, but it's not out.

Early morning, walking toward the market, I could see how the city is maintained. The elderly ladies come out with brooms and buckets of water and sweep/scrub away the party from the night before. By 9 am the streets are clean again.

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