Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Day 2012

Happy saint Valentine Day! Was he not Irish? Drove the snakes out of ireland. Wait, that is saint Patrick. was he French? Man, I am not a historically accurate catholic. My saint is Joan of arc and she is French. She kicked ass and died burned at the stake, after posing as a man and leading an army against invaders.

Regardless, today I love my husband Hugh; I love that he accepts t hat I need to see the world, and on valentine's day I went to the zoo in San Jose costa rica and visited a very fat and short jaguar. Poor thing. I love that little midget jaguar. He "harumphed" me.

I spent the day walking the city. I saw the major sites, and the zoo. I Went to the bus depot, and I lost a bet about the production of panama hats and paid the wager in coffee. I pointed out to Irish the famous hotel del ray, that advocates prostitution, and told him about parrots. (there are parrots all over this city, the same as in San Francisco, USA.)

I am creating a time table for the next 2 weeks - it is going to be action packed, just like a Jonathan Richmond song.

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Location:Eladio Prado Saenz,San Jose,Costa Rica

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