Monday, February 6, 2012

Museo y chocolate

Today I hit the streets of Granada, a self guided walking tour. I first hit the Mercado Municipal (see prior post). Then I went to every catholic church in town. There are 5 churches: the San Francisco, Guadalupe, la Cathedral ( the large one in front of the main park square), la Merced, and Xalteva. Posters for an old visit from Pope John Paul the 2 still hang prominently and respectfully. He was loved by all around the world. I actually took communion from the beloved Pope when he held a mass at the Pontiac Silverdome decades ago. He flew in to the Detroit area via a squadron of helicopters, military. He had a bigger effect on the world in the 1980's than any politician. And the Pope and Che Guevara are still the 2 most popular figures down here in central America. I understand why- they both fought and advocated for the poor, not the land owners or the wealthy. Their methods were different, but their focus was on the masses. And the masses still remember.

After churches I hit the classic museums. Um, kind of boring. But free. I saw many Mayan pots. And more pots. Pots that were red and plain, and pots that had black stripes, and pots with palms cut into them, and pots with jaguar heads. Pots and pots and pots. Then chocolate. The chocolate museum is more of a front for an expensive tour. But the spa connected to it is amazing. With good prices. Mmmm a 9$ pedicure may be in order...

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Location:Ave Vega,Granada,Nicaragua

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