Thursday, February 16, 2012

Days in San Jose

For the past few days I have been relaxing in San Jose, doing laundry, going to the zoo, the gold museum, the historical post office, the churches and parks, the "artisan market" (tourist trinket market), a union rally, a Chinese new year celebration at the SJO Chinatown, and cooking my own dinners.

Now my brother has arrived, and he checked into the 5 star holiday inn. Tonight I will spend the evening in the lap of luxury, with 2 kinds of pillows (soft and firm), white bedsheets (no fleas or bedbugs!), tv with cable, free wifi (well, there is free wifi everywhere, even on Ometepe Nicaragua). There is hot water, a gym, and a heated pool.

Tomorrow morning I take the bus to puerto viejo. Joseph will take a tour of Volcano Irazu; on a clear day you can see both the Caribbean and the pacific. I have not been there, but the Caribbean is calling me! I have been up 3 volcanos, so I can miss this one for now.

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Location:Calle 7,San Jose,Costa Rica

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