Sunday, February 5, 2012

First night in Granada

I left Opetepe Saturday morning by ferry after a huge breakfast of omelet and potatoes with Peter and Luisa. We took the 9:00 am ferry, before the waters of the lake get rough, from the winds that hit in the afternoon. Once again, there was a Jean Claude Van Damme move playing on the tv (as there was on the way to the island). Our acquaintance Christopher joined us on board as well as shared a taxi into Granada. Again, he talked very fast and loud. He is a very sweet young man (but my patience for young men is limited). He is a gentle person who works as a New York paralegal, thinking about law school. He is a brave guy, traveling on his own with a hearing impairment, knowing no Spanish.

We 4 had a relaxing lunch in the center park. I just had black coffee, still full from breakfast. However everyone had chichirrones on a bed of coleslaw, which I am going to try later this week. Chrism left us for a bus to Managua.

Because we took our time, all the hostels got full quickly, and we walked and sweated to find a place. I got lucky quickly, poking my head into a side street hotel, hotel Valeria. They had one very small singe, very clean and with a private bath. Louisa and Peter were not as lucky and had to walk around another hour, settling on a large room at the youth hostel, very backpacker-y. Meaning the roof is leaky and not so clean. But a place to stay.

Saturday is a party day and night in Granada. Live music on the streets, vendors, many outdoor restaurants. We 3 met for dinner later on, and I had a fantastic steak. We talked about the volcano, earthquakes, and our jobs. We plan to meet later this week for drinks and dinner, and maybe a trip. Today, however I am tired and plan to just walk and drink coffee.

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