Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The American at breakfast

Hugh knows this - when I travel I always end up with the Europeans, for some odd reason. I am the token loud American.

Today a weird thing happened at the hostel that partially explains why this strange affect always happens to me. I was cooking my breakfast, and this American lady come up to me with her dirty dishes and says "can I leave these here for you to clean?" WTF? I looked at her like she was from Mars. She wasn't kidding either. I said "um, I don't work here. And there is a sign." I pointed to the Large sign in English next to this woman that said "please wash your own dishes". I then said "read the sign, you should wash your dishes."

She politely apologized to me, but again WTF!!! Are we all that stupid?

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Location:Eladio Prado Saenz,San Jose,Costa Rica

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  1. You are no one's token. You are pretty loud, though ;)