Sunday, February 12, 2012

La playa maderas

I needed to get back in the water. This blog has a good description of playa maderas:

Last night while nursing my sting ray hole, I met some other travelers (the german and the italian) and a "local" (a Tica living in town). They fed me beers and we talked old fashion rock and roll. My knowledge of guitars is invaluable. I am automatically one of the guys, especially with a hole in my foot and knowing that an SG looks evil but a strat is for everyday use. These guys convinced me (one is an EMT) that getting back in the water the very next day (as long as the wound looked good) was the best medicine. I would get over the fear of more stink rays, and the cold salt water (yes the water in Nicaragua is cold compared to costa rica or Hawaii, but much warmer than California) would reduce the swelling.

Those guys were right on. In the morning my foot had swollen, but no infection, and looked clean. The cold got the swelling down. Now the day of the sting you got to soak the wound in scalding hot water. This is because the venom is protein based and the heat breaks down the proteins. So you cannot do anything for the swelling the first day or so.

Maderas was magical. We got there when the tide was coming in, so the waves were getting stronger and breaking perfectly. It was a bit crowded, so I stuck to boogie boarding so I could control what I was doing and actually catch something. I am still a kook, so I don't want to get in the way of the real surfers at a real break. I caught 4 waves, and road a bunch of white wash. It was a great day and I got stoked. No fear! No fear of waves or sting rays!

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Location:Avenida Mercado,San Juan del Sur,Nicaragua

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