Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Bartender

In Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, we stayed at a hostel named Kaya's Place, owned by JT. The place was build by a german expat who was creating his dream hotel and house, about 3 miles outside of town. Due to circumstances, he had to give up the place, and currently both the mansion and the hotel are owned and operated by JT. JT recently hired Frankie to run the bar and restaurant. Franke, who owns 2 pizzerias in the States, really knows his sauce and breads. The pizza is the best. And he knows hospitality.

The bartender, Serge, is from Panama, and has spend 7 years in new jersey. He is 39, but is very pretty, with braids wound around his head. He makes mojitos with care, a perfect and strong blend of light rum, lime, mint, and sugar.

Kaya's place is right on Playa Negro, the best swimming beach (meaning sand break, no rip currents, flat.) it is maybe 200 meters from town. Close enough to walk, far enough that the music from the discos cannot be heard. The waves will lull you to sleep. At high tide a few sets will shake the ground, and feel like an earthquake.

Kaya's place is perfect.

Manzanilla beach

Dinner at JT's house

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