Friday, February 10, 2012

Managua -> Rivas -> San Juan del Sur

I'm lying in bed in a surfer hotel in San Juan Del Sur, watching Futurama in Spanish . I am tired, my right eyeball busted a blood vessel, I got flea bites, but I am clean and safe.

The last 2 days were interesting. I was in Managua, staying with a friend's brother, who volunteered to pick me up from the bus station. With all the horror stories circulating of pickpockets, I thought this was a good idea. To say thank you I took him out to a great Nica traditional dinner. He let me spend the night at his place, which was great. I didn't want to be in the way so I left the next morning.

I am very glad I stayed with him for the 24 hours in Managua. I caught up with my friend from school, Grace. The hostel she stayed at was supposed to be the best one in Managua. However, they repeatedly lied to me that she was not there, and not a client, when I went there to pick her up for dinner. In addition, she got over 50 flea bites from her mattress. Man, I am glad I slept on my friend's floor. It may have been a floor, but it was clean.

Without going into too much detail, the friend I stayed with appears to be an old school hacker type. Computers everywhere, mattresses in the extra bedroom, tons of coffee, conversation about open sourcing, planning conventions, booking radio appearances about SOPA. It was interesting. But man, I did not like Managua. There is no city center. It is a car city. Buses are ok, but you do not want to bring your laptop or handbag. I had no issues, but I also stayed with friends, and stuck to what I was told. I only hung out alone at the mall. Lame, the mall is just like any mall in the USA. Burger king and mcdonalds. I did not like. No like.

So grace and I hit the bus to Rivas, where we checked into a very cute and clean hostel run by 4 little old ladies. And 2 more friends from Spanish school crossed the border and spend the night with us in Rivas. The 3 of them are now off to Ometepe, and I left for San Juan del Sur. We will see how San Juan will treat me....

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Location:NIC 62,Rivas,Nicaragua

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