Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Isle Colon, bocas del toro

My foot swelled up again, so today, Carnival, fat Tuesday, I am spending with my leg elevated, on the waterfront, watching the boats go by. Joseph made a friend, a Swedish merchant marine, and they are out having an adventure. I am on the main island of the bocas, colon. Carnival ended last night, a night early. Technically today should be the big, last day. People are still out, but the parade is over. The place is still alive.

Tomorrow we take an all day snorkel and boat trip around the islands, so I have to rest this foot.

After that, we hit the road, the road to panama city!

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Location:Calle 3ra,Bocas del Toro,Panama

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  1. Are stingrays edible? Perhaps you should eat one and absorb it's power.