Friday, February 10, 2012

Nickeled and dimed

It is one thing t negotiate a rate for services; one guy pays $40 USD and the other just $5. That is negotiation. But then there is nickel and dimeing - the gringo tax. Today I gringo taxed. First with the taxi. I took a union, collective taxi. There is a set rate of 35c. At my destination I gave the driver a 50c. He did not give me change. I got the 15c gringo tax.

Then later today I bought a Coke for 20c. But they charged me 22c. Gringo tax. In both cases I knew it, but my Spanish is too poor to fight. And it is nickels and dimes. 22c is $1 USD. I don't fight over nickels and dimes. And this is the second poorest country around. I believe in taxes. I can pay. But I want to be able to say it, that I am not getting tricked blindly. I want to be able to communicate.

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Location:Avenida Mercado,San Juan del Sur,Nicaragua

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