Monday, February 6, 2012

Rum and Running

Ok, I named the new blog RumRunner because I run and drink, and I am in central America, the place that makes rum. But because I spent a month living with the head of the local AA chapter, I have had a few beers, but have been living pretty dry.

Today I officially had a shot of rum! It it was the local Nico rum, and I splurged for the 12 year old. There are older - up to 30 years on the menu, but I figure I would start out with a nice mid range rum.

In the USA I never drink rum. It is usually vile and strong, kind of the Jose Quervo of liquor, with the Capt Morgan and the coconut crap. But rum here is like scotch or bourbon. It is an art and they age it for color and flavor.

The popular and famous Nico rum brand is Flor de Cana. Which is what I had, the 12 year old. A shot is 2.50 USD. The old and expensive (I think 30 year old) is $8 USD.

When my brother Joseph gets to Central America, I think we will be drinking rum... On the Caribbean coast. Yeah. Like pirates.

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Location:Ave Vega,Granada,Nicaragua

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  1. I'll have to try that. After all, I love sugar cane. That probably doesn't really mean anything, but it's worth a try.