Monday, February 6, 2012


I got my antibiotics in Granada today, for only $8, and no doctor appointment. Thank god.

I have a tendency to get upper respiratory infections. On my last long trip I came home with pneumonia, and had chest stays taken to see how bad it was. My poor brother Peter , traveling with me, was very worried about me, on the road, since I kept hacking up green balls of slime. The same infection is back.

Yesterday Hugh and I discussed this trend, and it appears I always get a chest infection around the 6 week period. It happened in England, it happened when I got home from china, it happened in Ukraine, and now it has happened in Nicaragua.

This trip I had gone to the doctors and told them this, and he gave me a prescription. However I mixed up the bottles and brought the anti diarrhea medication, thinking it was the antibiotics.

My Spanish at the farmacia was adequate. The ladies there speak slow and are patience. 3 pills a day for 4 days and I should be good to go to Managua and Panama!

I think I will stay in Granada an extra day for rest, since my hotel is so nice and inexpensive.

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  1. Rest up! I'll bet it's being on the run that does you in.