Sunday, February 19, 2012

puerto Viejo, costa rica

Yesterday I arrived in Puerto Viejo, costa rica. I tried to take the 10:00 am out of San Jose, but it being the Friday of carnival weekend, even getting there an hour early was not good enough. However they scheduled an extra bus, so I got a 10:30 bus, arriving at PV by 3:00. I try to always arrive to a new city during the day, for safety and to get a place to sleep. I had taken the precaution of booking a place on-line for the weekend, again due to carnival.

The 5 hour ride was uneventful. I sat next to a nice American lady from Seattle who was retiring and moving down here. Her sister had already done so, so she had a base already.

The town is a rasta influenced hippy town, very laid back, but many restaurants and bars. The place I booked is a half mile walk outside of town, right on Playa Negro. Last night when the tide came in a few of the big waves shook the ground, like a large truck going by, or a small earthquake. The sound of the waves lulls you to sleep.

The hostel is a build creation by the owner, who was obviously a professional builder and woodworker. For example, some of the beds are build right into the house, using the same tree as a support for the bed and the building itself. It's gorgeous, sturdy, and more polished that the pictures represent. It has a feel of a private bungalow.

The kitchen has recently been redone and there is a new chef, named Frankie. He is a 51 year old hard core new york motorcycle Harley davidson very Italian guy. He showed us at the bar the huge knife wound across his chest from his wild days at 19 in new York. He owns 2 pizzerias, and makes great pizza!

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