Thursday, September 3, 2009

A week on the road...

For the past week we have been on the road. Now we are finally in Slovensko and it feels like a homecoming. We are in Nova Dubnica, a village outside of Trencin, Andrea's hometown. The wedding of her sister is on September 5th.

August 28th we arrived in Munich, rented a car and drove to Metz, France. I posted that story, so.....The next day we drove to Normandie and had a wonderful family dinner with Isabelle's aunt, uncle, cousin and various spouses, and slept. They live in a large home in Caen. Her uncle has a beautiful fruit garden.

The next day we toured Normandie: Mont St Michel, D-Day beaches, Bayeaux (tapestry city), and a delicious dinner of duck and red wine.

My grandfather Cutts fought in WWII and stormed the beaches of Normandie, specifically Utah beach. We made a pilgrimage to the beach. He was wounded on the day he fought, but he is alive and well today, living in Hawaii!

August 30th we toured Caen, and more of Normandie, Cabourg, and the village of Deauville, an American Cinema city on the beach. It was an unusual sunny day on a warm Normandie beach. Everyone (except me cause I tan) got a sunburn. We then drove to Paris and played pin bowling with friends on the canal.

September 1 we toured all of Paris. In one day we hit the following: Eiffel Tower, Passy Cemetary, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, McDonalds, Louvre (outside only), St. Germain Fountaine, Notre Dame, Sacred Heart and Montmartre area. We drank red wine, ate pate and foie gras, and kissed in the dark. We started and ended the day in Bry-sur-Marne, where Isabelle's parents live and where we slept. Her parents assisted the fight against communism behind the Slovak borders, and told us scary exciting stories, hiding behind bureaus, sleeping in flooded tents in the Tetras mountains, and feeding us very well.

September 2 - we drove day and night to get to Slovensko. 15 hours from Paris to Trencin.

September 3 we are in heaven! Slovensko, Slovensko, aya, aya, aya Slovensko!!!!

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