Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poznan, Poland

Yesterday me and Peter took the 9 hour train from Prague to Poznan, Poland. We were lucky and got a Hogwarts style cabin to ourselves for most of the trip, so we could sprawl out and sleep. At the Polish/Czech border we were passport controlled 2x, but the police were very nice, and young too. The conductor helped ous out with our transfer in Worclaw. A german/polish professor also trapped us for an hour lecturing us on what we should see in Worclaw - even though we were not planning to stay there. It is an up and comming college town and vacation spot that was not destroyed by the wars. We just don't have time.

So here we are in Poznan. Today i plan on goping to city hall and look up our family birth records. As you all know our father was born here. i want to see who else is from here. And I am ballsy enought to call people out of the blue for dinner if it is possible.

generally everyone here in Poland is very helpful and nice. we have had no difficulties. however since this is a college town, we cannot find traditional polish food - mostly spanish and italian. students like pasta and tapas.... we will have to wait for warsaw for perogies.

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