Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pope Benedict spotted

So today is our second day in Prague. We took the night train from Munich, Germany, after about 4 hours at Octoberfest. We did not party at Octoberfest proper - no costumes, no ticket to a big beer hall. We did it on the cheap; we bought beer on the street and ate street meat and walked around the carnival for 4 hours. It was pretty awesome, but I need to come back and do it right. We just ran out of time and money.

So after hitting Octoberfest we did the night train to Prague. It was a Hogwarts style train - cute compartment that we could lock ourselves into and sleep. Once we hit the czech rep it felt more like home. i do not know why...

we got to the main train station and called Joe's high schoot friend Ian to come get us. he has been living in Prague for the past 5 years. He is a poliSci guy, who took the LSAT 2x and decided not to go to law school. currently he is walking with crutches because he broke his heel jumping of of a step while intoxicated. guess what - he and i are now goot friends!!! drinking and law = good slluurry drunk talk.

at the train station i went to the info booth to find out about local stuff and etc. right behind me were 2 cute canadian gals. one had a tattoo of a lotus on her foot, which i commented on since Joe has the same tattoo. 2 new drinking buddies!!! tonight the 6 of us hit the town, discussing canada, booze, travel, law, beer, wine, the Pope, and tomorrows plans. the 6 of us plan on hitting a cathedral made out of human sculls. One of the canadiana is also a martial artis 8 years of karate. like minds drink wines.

the boys spend the day with the girls while i stalked and photographed the Pope. Ina has a broken leg so he had to spend the day at hoem - which does suck. I'll post the Pope photos when i get back to the USA - i do not know how to transfer them...


  1. wow, i heard on the news that the pope was in prague, i wondered if you would bump into him, very cool!

  2. You just need a USB SDHC card reader to transfer photos, assuming the computer you are using has a USB port. It has to be SDHC, not just SD.