Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Slovensko Futbol!!!!

Today the boys are supposed to get to Munich. Then take a vlak to Vienna. Then Andrea and I are going to make them take a vlak to Bratislava and Trencin to save je a ty about 5 hours of driving. It is dumb for me and her to drive all the way there and back again, for 20 year old boys. They speak english in vienna and bratislava so the boys should not have a problem. Today we relax by the pool.... all day!!! The weather is 80 degrees and sunny. Yesterday and the day before we spend the day in Bratislava, and spent time with Andrea's cousin and aunt - her father's sister. Her aunt is a dentist, her husband is a surgeon, and her cousin is a pharmasist. We discussed american healthcare. They have a nice apartment by the hospital where all 3 of them work. Andrea and I also spend the afternoon shopping - I bought a Slovensko futbol jersey - there is a big futbol game for world cup qualificaitons tonight against north irland - booo north irland!!! Yah Slovensko!!!!

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