Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So today I went to go see the new film Janosik. I have a mixed review of this film....

First, I did enjoy most of the film. I am a language student, so, as such, this film is easy for an English native speaker to follow the plot and its characters. That may tell you that it lacks a little in the character development department, or not... I don't know.... The main character/hero Janosik comes off as a more gonady/forced-hetero Orlando Bloom, who is Slovakia's Robin Hood. Except here he robs from the rich to get laid by the local county gals. A few of their fathers may get some of the wealth too, but that is an after thought....

Second, this is a chick flick. Even though all the movie posters show a bloody hook (which kind of spoils the ending) this is NOT a bloody fighting swash-buckling film. No. This film is for the Ladies. There is kissing with honey during a wedding fully clothed, that is sensuous wedded bliss by Janosik's best ginger-headed friend and his ginger-headed bride. (of coarse Janosik is cursed by a dark eyed gypsy chick who is very hot...)

Lastly, there is NOT ENOUGH FIGHTING AND ROBBING!!!!! Too much kissing. The first sword fight is one hour into the film and is half assed with an Austria fop. of coarse Janosik kicks his ass in a humiliating way.

Bottom line.... the film is very pretty, and the costumes are super cool. We like Slovak woodcutters with mini axes in tight cream woolen pants and black hats. Not just like... LOVE !!! However, you need more than sexy kisses to keep that going. Give us either violence with Yuen Woo-Ping kung fu/sword fights, depth of character a la Scorsese, or art direction that is mind-blowing. (the art direction was dobre, however I wanted one more element)

I will watch this again on DVD, mostly to study language. And wish for more blood.

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  1. is this the guy of the huge statue we saw in the beautiful little town? love the mini-axes!
    (nothing wrong with o. bloom, at least in legolas mode;)