Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tuebingen, Germany

Tuebingen, Germany-

Currently we are living at Ruth's aunt's house. Her aunt is on vacation for 3 weeks in Corsica, France. The house is very sweet - 4 bedrooms, a courtyard, big dining room table.

In Salzburg, I scratched the rental car, 4 hours before the car was due back at Avis. I was doing sooo well - no damage, no tickets, despite 3 police stops, in illegal eastern european counties. But in a parking lot in Salzburg I scratched the door in a parking lot. Avis noticed it right away. They want to charge me 800 US dollars for the damage. i did not fight them - I called american express and is disputing the charge that way on the back end. 800 is excessive. 200 may be reasonable. so i have a legal fight going on. i feel like an idiot for not getting extra insurance. also ruth has me scared fro not buying travel insurance. as an american i am so used to not haveing coverage. the boys have no health insurance in the Us, why would you think of buying it oversees???

From Salzburg we drove to Munich, where we returned the scratched car. Ruth called, and for once my phone worked. WE hopped on the train to Stuttgart. The trained in Germany do actually run like clockwork - we had to run to make our train and connections.

Ruth picked us up and we made the introductions. We had a few beers and walked with her mother and dogs, chilling. We settled down in Ruth's aunts house - it felt great, just like home.

The next day we went to the Tuebingen Market - a huge event that attracts over 100,000 people. me and Pete bought rings, kick ass chuncky brass and stainless steel rings. I also bought yarn, no surprise. We hung with Ruth and her parents, who are super cool. I cooked everyone a chicken and veggie dinner, and we drank many bottles of wine.

Today we just walked around the city. there was a city fun run going on, but we missed the actual run. we toured the city and drank lots of beer.

tomorrow, who knows..... bobsledding and caves and maybe a castle. we love tuebingen.


  1. Tuebingen, a sister city to ann arbor, michigan :) isn't it famous for theology and philosophers. do they do philosopher tours? who knew it was also so ... cool?

  2. Sorry about the car, love. Not that big a deal; it's just money. Dont' worry about it too much.

  3. Mmm, today I'm coming here to sniff and get a whiff of my Eleanore, who I miss.