Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So last night we dropped Andrea off at the Wien airport. Since the boys have never been to Vienna before, I told them we would spend the night here. I hate hate hate driving in vienna so as soon as we hit the main city center, I parked in a pricy lot for overnight, and we would walk-metro everywhere.

Pete and I dropped Joe off at the cathedral, drank a beer, read a map, and interneted the locations of the hostel district. We hoofed it over there before they got filled up.

We stayed at the westend city hostel. clean sheets. polite staff. internet access. laundry facility. But I did share a dorm with 6 futbal guy who trashed the bathroom... YUCK!!!!

My boya and i got a great italian dinner and then I went to bed while they explored the city at night.

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