Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last night Andrea and I went for vecera in Stare Mestro Bratislava, at the Rio, a brazilian resteraunt across from the American Embassy, with her aunt and cousin.

We ordered the largest meat/meso platter. Ribs, sausage, beek steak, more ribs, more beef, corn, veggies, all on a big wooden plank. It was a meat fest!! I also had 2 Jack Daniels to wash the beef down. Heaven! And all of this was on the patio, in 78 degree summer weather with a beautiful sunset.

The American Embassy is stupid. They have a very ugly stupid iron gate wall, making it all look war-like. While the French, Japanese, Greece, Canada Embassies are all friendly facing a beautiful fountain and church square. The americans wanted a big ugly brick wall but the Slovak city government refused to permit that. So the iron gate is a compromise.

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  1. You know the U.S. has to be the Big Dog...ugly architecture that is practical NOT Stylish, almost Stalin-ish.
    Much like the States, they would rather demolish an existing historical structure, than refurbish it, .... That's the American Way!!