Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Deuchland

We are still partying in Germany... the place is too cool to leave - Ruth and her family are too cool to leave. And we still have not even made it to Octoberfest in Munich yet. We have continued partying in Tuebingen.

2 Days ago we toured the countryside. We hit the old Bear caves, which were larger than the ones I have seen in Lassen CA. WE attemped to go bobsledding at 2 different places, but one was closed on Mondays and the other was waiting for the safety inspector. Lastly we had dinner at a place tucked away in a hamlet, called the Rose. WE treated ourselves to the full treatment, and got the best stuff on the menu and bottles of wine and shots of local whiskey aged in oak barrels that had also been used to ferment pears. Mmmmmmm.

Yesterday we hit the Mercedes Museum. That was one of the best museums I had ever been to, and we could not do the whole thing in one day. So much history, not just about cars, but how cars have shaped the 20th century. being that 3 of us are from detroit, this museum was especially interesting. Lastly, Ruths parents took us out for an italian dinner - again perfect homemade pasta and grappa!

On my downtime, on trains etc, i made Ruth a rastafarian beret. it turned out very well - professional quality. probably one of the best hats i can make. looks store bought.

today ruth and the boys are going out hiking while i hit the hugo boss store adn other leather goods stores. then i plan on attending ruths league tabel tennis match. this is the pro stuff - ruth used to be a professional table tennis player. think chinese style, or forrest gump.

oh yea = i have another soccer jersey for the collection - Stuttgurd, cacau number 18 - he is a hotty defensive lineman.

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