Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meeting the Mayor

Yesterday - dateline 9/9/09:

The weather was totally aewesome - clear blue skys, around 24 C, (80 F?), swam in the pool 2x, went for a hike in the mountains, took a nap....

Andrea's father is very good friends with the Mayor of Trencin, so he and his wife came over for a casual dinner. They speak a little English, but not alot. I practiced my Slovak with everyone. I am pretty ballsy and hate being quiet so I got into the mix. We discussed the USA economic crisis and Detroit gang violence and crazy meth-heads in England.

Andrea's father has a fish farm in the back acers, so we had freshly caught and killed trout, grilled...mmmm...

Then we finished the day with home made apple slivovica and the futbol game. If you did not hear - Slovensko 2:0 N. Ireland = WOOT!!!! Slovensko is number one in their grouping for the first round of World Cup qualifiers. (If you are not following - the World Cup will be in South Afrika in 2010)

Today my 2 brothers (brat in Slovensko hahaha) arrive in Trencin. We have to pick them up. My brother Joe told me he did NOT get a haircut before the trip, so I have to take him to the salon - he needs to look metro before we go out to the bars. The girls here are very pretty, so he cannot look like a scrub.

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