Thursday, September 17, 2009

salzburg day 2

today was great. we checked in to a very nice hostel called the JUFA jugend and familiengastehauser. clean, inernet access, seperate dorms for girls and boys on request, lockers, bookings for tours etc... 20 EU a night, right in old Salzburg.

we met an american girl named alex in the lobbie from LA who loves films. she and my brothers booked a Sound of Music tour. i would have gone except i needed time alone, and i wanted to take a boat tour of the river - no surprise to all who know me and my love of boats and water.

the river boat tour was fun - they sell beer on the boat and give you a history tour. of coarse Salzburg is named for salt - the famous salt mines are very nearby. the river has very strong killer currents and the boat was specifically maide for this river and is unique.

i regret we could not take a tour of the kehlsteinhaus - eagle's nest - where hitler had his famous mountain retreat. oh well next trip. the weather is not good for it - rain and fog. also it costs 50 EU. too much for this budget.


  1. Wow, 50 EU? I'd probably have paid it, but ... damn. A river tour would be a blast though. And a Sound of Music tour ... like, the Von Trapp family home and such? They were nearby?

  2. (finally a comment showed up!) i just saw the movie valkyre, very relate-able to your location.
    anything mozart related in salzburg?

  3. Drink Trumer Pils in Salzburg! Their two breweries in the world are in Salzburg, and Berkeley.