Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ukraine in Germany

So today I spend the day alone shopping at the outlet malls in the nearby village of Metzingen. It is where Jennifer likes to buy leather handbags. However I was not as lucky. I saw many leather handbags I liked, but they were all for 200 EU or more, so i did not buy any. Instead I bought a little makeup .... yes.... i know... i know.... buy hey, it is small and alot less than 200 EU.

Ruth took me to the train station on the back of her scotter = I WANT A SCOOTER!!!!! OMG it was so fun to zip around the village on the scooter. You can buy them in Berkeley for $700, all electric. It would be perfect for going to kung fu and the grocery store, which is what i do most of the time anyway.

i had to find my way home. the train was a piece of cake, however i think i bought a senior fare.... the bus was a little mmore difficult - the sign Ruth told me to follow was not posted on the regular board, but when the correct bus pulled up it was obvious. And the bus driver and I communitced well. But in Ukrainian. He knew no english and I knew no german. we figured our common language was a hobbled together mix of slovak and Ukrainian with a little russian mixed in. He taught me the proper way to say Lviv and Ukraine - it is not how you would think in the USA. But of coarse I cant remember it now....

the bus driver had been in germany for 10 years and his main family is now here. he has 3 kids. he wanted to know why i did not have a german/english language book. i told him because this was not where i was mainly to travel. this was all hobbled together in Ukraine/slovak. I think I did ok!!! and he dropped me off 1 block for Ruth's house! Woot!!!


  1. you are becoming the international WOMAN of mystery... who like beer.

  2. I can see what's going to happen; when you get back you are going to buy a scooter, then drive it to 4th Street to get kittens ...

  3. OMG, it's everywhere! we have a scooter store here in plymouth, mi, called "eco wheels" where will you put the groceries? have carl tell you about carrying 40 lbs of kitty litter in a back pack on a motorcycle ;) what about winter? ,,, oh wait, you don't have that in calif.
    seriously (sort of) what a wonderful trip!