Monday, September 14, 2009

Octoberfest 2009

So today I spend 2 hours booking a hotel for Octoberfest - yes this is very last minute. Yes we are dumb. But i did good. We are going to be at the City Hotel Ost am Ko in Augsberg, about 40K from Munich. was only 146 EU for the whole stay - kick ass!!!


  1. Hey... I found your blog...I found you blog... ha ha.. a blog! now i can here about how stupid joe is and how many gallons of beer you drink (liters aren't a big enough measurement for you).

    I am back *sigh* Andrea and I have been going through big, like giganto, changes since we finished school and it hasn't been going all that great. Stupid america, with your now 11% unemployment rate. Well i got to go put my nose back onto the gridstone and rub it untill the flesh starts to bleed... but on a positive note i visited hugh and carl saturday and they are all doing great. carl has his house and hugh was enjoying the empty house for a bit... have a great time! trust me, this will be a journey of a lifetime and no matter how hard it gets, how boring, how expensive, just keep pluggin away. have fun

  2. thanks john - already joe and i had 2 fights - we will try to get a system going were he quits stepping on my toes LOUDLY.