Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poznan thoughts...

so Peter is listening to Polish hip -hop = Wyll, album Normalna ( i think....)(hard to tell.....) We visiteed the gas company to find our father's birht records - we of coarse were in the wrong department.... but it was an adventure. We saw a very beautiful cathedral,a nd another one which was on cathedral island which was form the 9th century, and was the founding city of Poland. Also it was visted by pope JP2 in 1983.... we ate street keilbasa and peirogi... we went to a farmers market... we went to a mcDonalds with leather chairs... we drank micro-brew....


  1. The lack of African-American stuff in Europe is one of the weirdest things about it for me. Makes me want to crank up Earth Wind and Fire all the time ...

  2. Hmmm. Street polish food.

  3. Poland used to be culturally diverse, from centuries of being over run by Mongols, Turks, prussians etc, then after WWII the nazi's killed 3.5 million people, and then when the Russians came in they deporteed everyone else who was not killed. Now Poland is the mose homogenious country in Europe.