Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last day Kyiv

On the last day in Kyiv I was horribly sick. however Nastia made delicious hot breakfast again - omlet and tortilla. Niegel and I made it over to the Chemist and after loading up on vodka and flu medicine I made it out for a 2 hour walk in the rain and cold. I made it to the Golden Gate, to St Sofia cathedral, and another cathedral - blue, and lastly, to by Nastia a gift for all she has done for us.

Tonight she is making another fabulous home made Ukrainian meal, then we head out on the 11 pm train to Odesa!


  1. My poor sick girl! Sounds like the hostel was pretty interesting though. Hopefully you'll do better in Odesa.

  2. Sounds like you got to eat a lot of authentic food in Europe! I would love the food experience for sure.

  3. poor baby! are you sure vodka and flu med is a good combo? such fabulous food! good thing it's not the stomach flu ... do the ukrainians know chicken soup is the flu cure in USA? maybe their good stuff is even better!