Wednesday, October 7, 2009

L'viv, Ukraine

Today we took the train from krakow to L'viv Ukraine. I was very hung over. The night before we, at the hostel, watched the Big Lebowski and drank 2 bottles of vodka. not the smartest move....

The train was very basic, however we got our own private sleeping compartment, so I was very comfortable. Border crossing went smoothly, but did take 2 hours since they have to change the wheels of the cars to accomodate a different type of rail tracks.

WE got into L'viv at midnight, so we found a "trustworthy" taxi driver, wo took us to our hostel - which was closed for the season... He recommended the Kosmonaut Hotel, which was also in our guidebook,a nd they were open and had a room. Perfect! The driver knew spanish so we communicated in spanish. (because we don't know ukrainian or russian and he did not know english) he did greatly overcharge us, but we were still happy since we were same with a bed.

The Kosmonaut is a hostel, not a hotel, despite the name. it is soviet rustic, however kitches it up and it is homey. WE are also just blocks form the center of town - WOOT!!!

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  1. I'd want to stay at a place called the Kosmonaut for sure ;)