Thursday, October 15, 2009

Odesa Ukraine

We took the night train from Kyiv to Odesa two days ago - I am loosing track of the days and nights.... We got a first class sleeper - private and comfortable. just for 2. But I was too sick to really enjoy the luxury. I just passed out for 10 hours.

When we got into Odesa, Yan, a friend of Hugh's from Also was there to pick us up and take us to our hostel. Our hostel is right near downtown, walking distance from everything. He then ahs to go to work - I spend the day in bed sick.

At 8pm we went to a German Beerhouse for dinner with the Aldon crew - we had a great time, lots of meats, beer and vodka. the we toured the city on foot, sing the famous Potomkin steps, the moving bridge, Pushkins stature, the optical illusion wall.

Today I found the internet cafe and book tix for a flight to Munich on the 19th, air Czech. this hostel does not have a computer - only wifi....

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