Friday, August 21, 2015

TYT - Tahoe Yosemite Trail

The Tahoe Yosemite Trail is a 186 mile trail that was the dream of  Thomas Winnett, the founder of Wilderness Press, publisher of many hiking guides. Today the TYT is an unofficial trail, running from Meeks Bay to Yosemite. This past week my running club trekked 30 miles of this route, in two sections. The first section we tackled was from Echo Lake to Aloha Lake, as an out-and-back. The second section we ran consisted of the first official portion of the TYT, starting at Meeks Bay, over Phipps Pass, and connecting to the PCT. We then chose to exit at Eagles Lake trail head, near Emerald Bay.

Tahoe Yosemite Trail
Tahoe Yosemite Trail
 Phipps Pass

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