Monday, December 29, 2014

Last Tramp - Akaroa Skyline Circuit

Today is my last day in New Zealand. Limited by time, my last tramp is on the Banks Peninsula, the Akaroa Skyline Circuit, via Purple Peak. This hike took appx 5 hours, which included making the summit by a trail that appears to not be maintained regularly.

The route was breathtaking, regardless of my poor map and lack of trail maintenance. The trail starts in the port city of Akaroa, and heads inland to circle and then climb Stoney Bay Peak, 806m. The maps offered at the info centre are hand drawn artistic renderings, so are actually very hard to follow if unfamiliar with the area. I tend to like my maps with topography and non movable landmarks. (One sentence on the map states to do the hard route, go straight, and to walk the easy route go straight. There is a right turn there, too.)

I would highly recommend this hike. Bring your trekking poles for the climb if going up Summit Peak trail. The trail is overgrown and steep. The views make it worthwhile. Other noteworthy facts include a full ban on both dogs and bikes. The area is a nature preserve, and leave no trace is the rule.

(Purple Peak - there is a Purple Peak north of Stoney Peak, at 646m)

The sheep took the short cut:

The trail is not maintained:

The Pacific Ocean from the peak:

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Location:Rue Lavaud,Akaroa,New Zealand

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