Monday, November 14, 2011

First day jitters

Today is the first day of my marathon training schedule, and all my pre-run actions are now feeling ritulized. I eat a small amount of protein and coffee. I put on my knee brace on my gimpy left knee. I check the weather. I put on 2 sports bras and Toms of Maine deoderant (that does not have anti-persperant, so no gross white chunks.) I choose Nike capri tights, with a hidden key pocket on the butt. I choose my grey, broken-in New Balance Minimus trainers, that have held up for over 100 miles already and are kind of stinky. I double knot - I do not use any fancy tight tying techniques - those give me blisters. I never run in Nikes - they give me shin splints. I brush my teeth and hair. I put on Banana Boat sun screen. I pick out a shirt - today it is a red long sleeve tech shirt. I pack up my cell phone, that also acts as my pedometer, into a very tight and small fanny pack. I do not run with water - it is too bulky. I don't need it unless I am running over 10 miles. I think briefly about how many miles I plan on doing and pick out a tried and true trail. All my trails are near roads, in case of an emergency such as a leg cramp or twisted ankle or dog attack. Well, I will do a trail run once a week. I will contact Hugh for those, and give him an itenerary, in case of an emergency. I will not become the guy from 127 Hours.

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